Naval Architecture 101

Rough, working notes from tinkering with small flat bottomed electric boats.

Kill switches

Hydroplaning and hydrofoiling speed

It sounds like 10 knot wind is sufficient to plane, and this usually means a board speed of 7 knots. (From https://www.reddit.com/r/windsurfing/comments/2q5z4p/minimum_speed_for_planing).

It's a bit unclear what speed is needed to foil. Still need to experiment more.

Hydrofoiling masts

Hydrofoils are commonly used in many flat bottomed small boat sports: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, efoiling.

The setup involves a short and wide board designed for planing, with a special port in the back. The port is sturdy and supports a mast which juts vertically downward. At the tip of the mast is a wingset, including a fuselage, wings and a tail stabilizer.

Seems like beginners start with a short mast. Kits come with a 55cm mast. Short masts are easier to start with but harder to maneuver.

There are various ways of mounting the mast to the board. Most commonly, something called a Tuttle or Deep Tuttle is used. See also Tuttle Box Confusion on foils (angry but informative)

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